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Imagine climbing the mighty Kilimanjaro, knowing your journey benefits not just you, but also your local guides. 
Nafika Tours, a Kilimanjaro Climbing Local Company, is built on fairness and shared success.
We offer unforgettable safaris, mountain climbs, and cultural experiences at affordable prices.
We go the extra mile, ensuring both your well-being and the well-being of our dedicated team.
Nafika Tours is more than just a company; it’s a community that actively helps those in need.

What clients say about Nafika Tours

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Asha K
Asha K
Best Kilimanjaro experience with Nafika Tours Nafika Tours made our Mount Kilimanjaro climb awesome! The team – porters, guides, and chefs – were super friendly, kind, and helpful. They were just perfect, and we can't find any faults. The admin team also rocked! They gave us useful advice about visas, transits, and hiking gear. They did everything possible to make our experience the best. The food was good, the tents were spacious and top-notch. The packing list was spot-on. If you want success on a Kilimanjaro hike, Nafika Tours is the way to go. A big thank you to Nafika Tours for helping us summit Mt. Kilimanjaro!
connor b
connor b
Do not hesitate in using nafika tours!5⭐️ I cannot thank nafika tours enough for their service. Prior to the trip Elias was so helpful and professional! Answering every single question in detail regardless how minor the question was. This was our first trip doing something like this and he made it easy! Our 2 guides Emanuel and Albert were the best! Help us with any needs on the mountain from a simple question to carrying your bag for you! Always ensuring your safety comes first! I personally was a bit worried about the food. However, Jonathon the cook deserves his own restaurant. He is a wizard, every meal was 5⭐️! The waiter Noel was unbelievable, he would be around every morning within 5-10 minutes of you waking up to great you with a tea or a coffee to get you started right. Big shout out to our summit porters sulupis and jumanne for making our summit night that bit easier for us!& not to forget the rest of our porters brayson, Erick, Cuthbert, Adam, amimiel, Simon, driving and jamri for carrying our bags and camp with a huge smile on there faces never forgetting to congratulate you or tell you your doing a good job. not forgetting they’re carrying your bags. I would recommend nafika to everyone, I could not be more happy with them! If I could give more than 5 star I would. They deserve to be on top!
Sara R
Sara R
Kilimanjaro climbing with Nafika, Everything was outstanding I went up Kilimanjaro with Nafika Tours at the beginning of the month, and it was an amazing experience, all thanks to the awesome guides and porters! Our lead guide, Daniel, was really good at his job, knew a lot, cared about us, and was kind. Jonathan, who cooked for us, even made two cakes—one for my birthday and another to celebrate our success at the end! The porters went out of their way to help us and make sure we had everything we needed at the campsites. Summit night was tough, but Daniel's patience, strength, and kindness helped me reach the top just in time for a beautiful sunrise! The whole experience was fantastic, and I want to give a huge thank you to the Nafika Team! They made it all possible.
Claudia E
Claudia E
Kilimanjaro climb and safari Nafika Tours took care of everything from the moment we booked to our arrival at the airport and throughout the trip. Elias, the trip admin, was great at keeping us informed. We met him at the hotel, and he made sure everything was in order for our expedition. Our guides, Willium and Daniel, along with the amazing cooks, waiters, bathroom attendants, camp masters, water runners, and porters, provided excellent equipments , tents and sleeping bags during our journey up the mountain. Despite the daily rain, the crew kept our spirits high with songs and constant check-ins. Our safari guide, Livin, was excellent, spotting rhinos and sharing insights about the symbiotic relationship between egrets and water buffalo, as well as wildebeest. Thanks to Nafika Tours, we had an incredible time!
Tom C
Tom C
Nafika Team are the Best, Kilimanjaro and Safari! We highly suggest going on this trip with Nafika Tours. They planned everything amazingly, and their website is super easy to use. We spent an incredible 7 days in the mountains. Our guide, Daniel, was really experienced and supported us at every moment. He checked our health twice a day and his experience with high altitudes was crucial for me to reach the summit. Eli, another guide, never let me give up during the toughest times. The whole team was well-organized and friendly. Jonathan cooked fantastic meals, and Efata served them. Sulupisi, the camp master, had our tents ready right away when we reached the camp. The porters were fantastic and always ready to assist us. We recommend renting a portable toilet since campsite facilities can be iffy. Nafika Tours provided excellent toilets, which make our trip more comfortable and Efata also took care of ours, especially on the summit night. Our safari driver Hilary was amazing and made sure we had the best possible angles and views of the animals. He made us feel so comfortable and he made sure every need we had was taken care of. The safari accommodations were beautiful and the food was very delicious. All the staff from the pickup driver at the airport to the porters cooks and servers were friendly and helpful . With a team like this, anyone can conquer one of the 7 summits and everyone should visit Tanzania!
Alma K
Alma K
5 days Kilimanjaro + 4 days safari For us was really important to climb to Mount Kilimanjaro as well as go to safari with a local company so we selected Nafika Tours. They did not disappoint!! We were in Tansania November 2023. We arrived late and they picked us up from the airport and took us to the hotel. We were suppost to start the climb next morning but unfortunately I was sick. They took us to drug store and organized that we will start the safari first. This was perfect. Safari was absolutely everything! We saw all the African big five and so many more animals. Our tour guy Living was absolutely amazing and so professonal. He knew so much and found the best spots. We had so much fun with him and we absolutely loved our talks, not just about the animals but about everything. The tents we slept were big and we had good night sleep. Climing to Kilimanjaro was fun but the summit night was very hard, took us 10 hour but we made it. Our crew was absolutely amazing and they made everything so easy for us. Our guide Johnsson was so nice and sweet and smiled all the time. They really made the climb so much better! Food at the Kili and safari was really good, big thanks to our chefs!! I can not recommend this company enough. Absolutely amazing group of friends and they know what they are doing. They speak very good English and they take you as a part of their family. If you want to go to safari or climb to Kili (or both like we did) and you want your money to go to the locals: THIS IS IT!! Amazing experience with special people. Felt safe all the time and they really do everything that you will have the best experience ever! THANK YOU NAFIKA!!
Julia F
Julia F
A hike of a life-time The entire trip was amazing, from the pre-booking experience, the airport pick up, the hotel, the hike and the post-hike experience, everything was perfectly taken care of. I recommend doing the Kilimanjaro hike with Nafika if you're looking for a perfectly-organized trip without worries and concerns while supporting a locally-owned company. The owner Elias, the guides Johnson and Evord, the chef and all porters were incredible friendly and motivating and really ensure that the trip will be a success. They check the equipment beforehand and you can rent all necessary equipment at reasonable costs. The food was outstanding, it is impressive to see what they can do at that altitude. I will definitely book another hike with Nafika Tours and so should you 🙂
Aria J
Aria J
Kilimanjaro with the best Team Just came back from an amazing Kilimanjaro trip with Nafika Tours, Kilimanjaro climbing 7 days Lemosho Route Right from the beginning, Elias at the office was super easy to talk to and always answered our questions quickly. The airport pickup was smooth, and as soon as we got to Panama Garden Resort in Moshi, it was clear that the Nafika Tours team, led by Eli and Tony, had everything under control. They kept us informed about our daily plans and watched out for any signs of altitude sickness. Every day, they checked on our health, reminding us to drink lots of water and eat well to get ready for the tough summit night. The whole team was fantastic, especially the group assigned to support us to the top. They sang and cheered us on during the freezing night until we reached Uhuru Peak at sunrise. It's impressive that our entire group made it to the top, thanks to the Nafika Tours team. I highly recommend this local company for your Kilimanjaro trip!
Rita L
Rita L
Nafika Tours is The best local Company Absolutely incredible journey from start to finish! Elias provided comprehensive prep material, and our climb and Safari leaders were exceptionally professional, knowledgeable, and simply amazing! Daniel and his team on the Machame route ensured our 4-person group reached the summit seamlessly. Daniel's professionalism, coupled with great food and a happy, hard-working team, made us feel like family upon completing the climb. I cannot stress enough how phenomenal they were – Daniel's knowledge was indispensable for our summit success. The logistics were superb – from hotel transfers to coordinating bags and gear. Crucially, this is a genuine company, handling everything from airport collection in their own vehicle. Unlike many agencies that outsource to local providers, they manage the real work. The 'Welcome pack' was excellent, featuring a top-notch training guide, pack list, and preparation instructions – the best I've seen. The food, considering the conditions, was excellent – fresh, varied, and healthy. The chef even managed to create two birthday cakes at altitude – truly impressive! Living conditions were outstanding given the circumstances, with quality Mountain Hardware tents, private toilets, and comfortable dining tents and chairs. Despite the expedition nature, we were exceptionally well taken care of. The two-day safari with Hilary was magical! His extensive knowledge of both parks and every animal ensured we had a front-row seat to elephants, leopards, cheetahs, and lions. He was awesome! I wouldn't choose any other company for this trip – they were perfect!
Trecy M
Trecy M
Kilimanjaro climbing and Safari with Nafika Tours I climbed Kilimanjaro using the Lemosho route with Nafika Tours. Before choosing them, I looked at different guide companies and went with Nafika due to their good reputation, flexibility, and local approach. They lived up to my expectations! My guides Eli were fantastic—professional and friendly. The whole team, from guides to porters, took great care of us, ensuring our well-being, good sleep, and motivation. The camping equipment was also of high quality. The Lemosho route was beautiful, and I'd recommend it. Eli and Daniel shared a lot of information about the area and other mountain routes, making our experience richer. The support team was friendly and helpful, and the food was amazing. I don't know how they managed to cook such great meals in those conditions, but we ate like kings. The experience was so good that I'd break my rule of not repeating summits. I'd happily go again, maybe trying a different route for variety. Nafika Tours offered excellent value, and their prices were much better than pricier providers. Don't hesitate—book your Kilimanjaro hike with Nafika Tours, the best local company in Tanzania!

Six Reasons to Book Your Adventure With Us

Sustainable travel

For every tour you book, we give out 3% of the booking cost to orphans at schools to support them in education as our way of giving back to the community.

Locally based guides

We are a Kilimanjaro Climbing Local company you know with a team of local tour guides with extensive knowledge and experience.

Small groups

We usually divide our clients into small groups so you will comfortably be in a company of few people with whom you can make meaningful connections.

Be confident

Book with confidence, knowing we'll handle every detail for a seamless and unforgettable experience.

Flexibility, freedom, fun

Feel free to customize your tour with us. We are flexible in adding or removing activities to help you relax and enjoy.

Safety first

Our team go above and beyond to ensure your safety throughout your adventure, making us the ideal choice for worry-free travels.

Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing Packages

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6 Days Machame Route

kilimanjaro 7 days

7 Days Machame Route

5 days Marangu route

5 Days Marangu Route

7 Days Lemosho Route

6 days kilimanjaro climbig Nafika Tours

8 Days Lemosho Route

7 days Rongai route

7 Days Rongai Route


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Tanzania Safaris Packages

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 Tanzania  Wildlife Safari

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4 Days Tanzania Safari

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6 Days Tanzania Safari

Tanzania Wildlife Safaris

Kilimanjaro Climbing Tips

Read below tips gathered from our years of experience working as a committed Kilimanjaro climbing local company. We want to ensure a successful and safe trek, hence we want to see you have proper planning and preparation.

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Tanzania Safari Tips

Being a Kilimanjaro climbing local company doesn’t limit our packages to only Kilimanjaro climbing. We have successfully provided unforgettable safari experiences to our clients. Below some tips to help you prepare for a Tanzania safari.

Our Sustainability Projects

As a responsible Kilimanjaro climbing local company, giving back to the community is at the heart of Nafika Tours. With every tour booked, 3% of the cost goes directly to support orphans’ education in local schools. This initiative provides essential supplies like uniforms, shoes, bags, and stationery, helping these children focus on their studies and build a brighter future.