Food on Mt. Kilimanjaro

Conquering Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest peak, is a dream for many adventurers. But reaching the summit requires careful planning, and that includes proper nutrition. This article explores what to expect regarding food on Mt. Kilimanjaro, considering the unique challenges of high altitudes.

Unlike treks at lower altitudes, food on Mount Kilimanjaro takes on a special importance. The high altitude environment affects your digestion and metabolism. You’ll need to focus on consuming enough calories and the right nutrients to fuel your body throughout the climb.

With our experience in the industry, we understand the challenges of food on Mount Kilimanjaro very well.  

How is Breakfast as part of your Food on Mt. Kilimanjaro?

A delicious breakfast awaits you each morning on your Kilimanjaro climb with Nafika Tours! We know a hearty breakfast is important to fuel your adventure, so we provide a variety of options to keep you energized.

Every morning, you’ll enjoy a hot drink like tea, coffee, or hot chocolate to kickstart your day. We’ll also serve you a steaming bowl of porridge made with oats, finger millet, maize, or semolina – all great sources of complex carbohydrates for long-lasting energy.

A colorful platter of seasonal fruits will provide a refreshing start and essential vitamins. To keep you feeling strong throughout the morning, we’ll offer toast, french toast, or pancakes. You might also find bacon, sausages, or eggs cooked in different styles – omelets, scrambled, or fried – on the breakfast spread.

Cheese slices and milk will always be available, allowing you to add a personal touch to your meal

Food on Mt. Kilimanjaro

Hot lunch as part of your food on Mt. Kilimanjaro

Feeling light? Start with a warm soup, like creamy herb or cool cucumber. Want something more filling? Grab a veggie wrap packed with fresh veggies and cheese, or classic chicken with fries.

In the mood for a salad? We have refreshing options with cucumber, tomato, and onion, or a creamy cabbage salad.
Every lunch comes with fresh fruit and hot tea to keep you going strong.

Here’s a quick look at some lunch options:

  • Light: Soups (creamy, cucumber, or onion with cheese)
  • Filling: Veggie wraps or chicken with fries
  • Salads: Refreshing cucumber or creamy cabbage
  • Sides: Always fruit and hot tea

Remember to drink plenty of water with lunch to stay hydrated! 

Food on Kilimanjaro for Vegans

During your pre-climb briefing session, you’ll have the opportunity to meet with our chef and discuss your preferences. Together, you can create a personalized food on Mount Kilimanjaro plan that caters to your specific dietary needs.

Vegan Delights on the Mountain

To give you an idea of the vegan options available, here’s a sample menu:

  • Soups: Warm and nourishing, our vegan soup selection includes vegetable soup with bread, pumpkin soup, cucumber soup, leek soup, sweet potato soup, and carrot soup. All served with fresh bread for a satisfying start to your meal.

  • Salads: A refreshing and vitamin-rich option, our vegan salad features a variety of seasonal vegetables.

  • Main Courses: Food on Mount Kilimanjaro for vegans offers a variety of flavorful and filling main courses. Choose from options like grilled sandwiches, pasta dishes, rice, porridge, boiled or mashed potatoes, beans, vegetable samosas, or chapati (flatbread).

  • Accompaniments: Pair your main course with a side of crispy chips, fresh seasonal fruits, or toasted bread for a complete and balanced meal.

  • Hydration: Black tea is a delightful beverage option, but remember to prioritize staying hydrated throughout your climb. Our guides will ensure you have access to plenty of water.

kilmanjaro vegan Menu

Dinner as part of your food on Mt. Kilimanjaro

Food on Mount Kilimanjaro isn’t just about sustenance; it’s about creating a sense of comfort and enjoyment after a challenging day on the mountain. Dinners are a highlight, offering delicious and hearty meals to refuel your body and prepare you for the next climb.

Warm Beginnings: Soups

A steaming bowl of soup is a perfect way to kick off your Kilimanjaro dinner. Our chefs prepare a variety of options, including cream of cucumber and potato soup, cream of celery soup, leek soup, green pepper and pork soup, cream of zucchini and potato soup, cream of ginger soup, and classic vegetable soup. All these soups are served with fresh bread for a satisfying starter.

A Culinary Adventure: Main Course Choices on Mount Kilimanjaro

The main course is the star of the food on Mount Kilimanjaro dinner experience. Here, you’ll find a selection of dishes designed to tantalize your taste buds and replenish your energy stores.

  • Meat Lovers: Carnivores will delight in options like grilled beef with gravy and grilled tomatoes, classic beef stroganoff, or spiced meatballs with a creamy pomodoro sauce.

  • Comfort Food Classics: For a touch of home comfort, savor mincemeat with bolognese sauce, chicken chasseur, or a grilled beef fillet with a refreshing mint sauce.

  • Lighter Options: If you prefer a lighter meal, opt for vegetable rice, macaroni and cheese, or spaghetti pomodoro. We also offer flavorful turmeric rice for a taste of local cuisine.

Sweet Endings: A Delicious Conclusion

No dinner is complete without dessert! After a fulfilling main course, indulge in a delightful treat. Popular options include banana fritters, a classic queen cake drizzled with chocolate sauce, or the theatrical spectacle of grape Suzette served with pancakes. For a lighter option, choose from creamed caramel, custard pudding, bread and butter pudding, a slice of cake, or a refreshing fruit salad.

Beverages and Beyond:

Pair your dinner with a hot beverage like tea, coffee, hot chocolate, or Milo. Milk is also available to complete your Kilimanjaro dinner experience.

Food on Mt. Kilimanjaro for Vegetarians

Nafika Tours offers delicious and nutritious vegetarian options to fuel your Kilimanjaro climb. We understand the importance of a well-balanced diet, and our chefs are happy to accommodate your dietary needs.


Start your day strong with a steaming bowl of porridge or fresh bread. We offer a variety of options like oatmeal, finger millet, maize, or semolina porridge. You’ll also enjoy a refreshing platter of seasonal fruits for a vitamin boost.


Our lunch buffets feature a variety of vegetarian choices to keep you energized throughout the afternoon. These may include:

  • Warm and comforting soups like creamy vegetable, pumpkin, or cucumber.
  • Filling veggie wraps packed with fresh vegetables and cheese.
  • Fresh and colorful salads with a variety of seasonal options.
  • Hearty pasta dishes or rice with flavorful vegetable sauces.

Snacks and Evenings:

We’ll also provide nutritious snacks throughout the day, and vegetarian options will always be available. Evenings feature hot meals like pasta dishes, lentil stews, or vegetable curries.

Hydration: The Key to Success

Dehydration is a serious concern at high altitudes.  Hence plenty of water form part of an essential item on your list of food on Mt. Kilimanjaro. We ill provide plenty of water throughout the day. Consider electrolyte-enhanced drinks for an extra boost.

Additional items you may need in your list of food on Mt. Kilimanjaro

While we provide most meals during your Kilimanjaro hike, consider packing some of your favorite high-calorie snacks for a quick energy pick-me-up. Things like granola bars, dried fruit with nuts, and energy gels are great options.

Our final word about Food on Mt. Kilimanjaro

Above details showed you simply sample menus. We encourage you to discuss your preferences with our head guide during the briefing session to create a personalized food on Mount Kilimanjaro experience that fuels your Kilimanjaro adventure.

Download our Sample Kilimanjaro Meal Plan here