7 Days Lemosho Route


Experience stunning views, fewer crowds, and a well-tested path to the top.

This route is perfect for trekkers who are up for a challenge. Start at Lemosho Gate, high above the clouds, and trek through lush rainforests. Hike alongside the mountain, not straight up, for amazing views around. every corner.

Here’s what makes the Lemosho Route special:

Amazing Sights: Get ready for incredible views! The Lemosho route takes you to many spots with breathtaking views of Kilimanjaro from different sides.
Fewer Crowds: Unlike some busier trails, the Lemosho route is less crowded. This means you’ll have a more peaceful climb and can better enjoy the mountain’s beauty.
Great Chance to Reach the Top: The Lemosho route lets your body slowly get used to the high altitude. This makes it more likely you’ll conquer Uhuru Peak, the highest point on Kilimanjaro

lemosho route starting point


Arrive at Kilimanjaro International Airport

Begin your 7-Day Lemosho Route adventure with a smooth arrival. Our Kilimanjaro specialists meet you at the airport, transferring you to your hotel in Moshi. After a delicious group dinner, prepare for the climb with a comprehensive trek briefing and gear check. Missing something? No worries – Nafika Tours offers convenient equipment rentals for a stress-free ascent. Let’s conquer Kilimanjaro!

7 Days Lemosho route : Day 1

Lemosho Gateway (2100m) to Big Tree Camp (2650m)

Eat a big breakfast and get ready for your Kilimanjaro adventure! Leave Moshi town by 8am and head to Lemosho Gate on the west side of the mountain. Don’t worry about a thing – Nafika will take care of everything before the hike starts. Then, you’re off! Trek through the lush green forests of Lemosho Glade and reach Big Tree Camp, where you’ll spend your first night under the watchful eye of Kilimanjaro.

Distance covered: 7km / 4.3mi

Approx. time took: 4 hours

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Included


7 Days Lemosho route experience in photo

Day 2: Big Tree Camp (2650m) to Shira 2 Camp  (3850m)

Day 2 on the 7 Days Lemosho Route offers amazing views! ike across a big, open space with grass and volcanic rocks. You’ll slowly climb higher towards Shira Camp 1, where you might see the peak of Kilimanjaro through the clouds! After a break, you’ll keep going to Shira Camp 2. Here, you’ll get incredible views of giant glaciers on the north side of the mountain. Enjoy the scenery and get your body ready to climb even higher!

Distance covered: 16.5km / 10.3mi

Approx. time took: 9 – 10hrs

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Included

lemosho route day 2

Day 3: Shira 2 Camp (3850m) to Barranco Camp (3900m)

Day 3 on the 7 Days Lemosho is like a beautiful painting! Hike higher and higher, entering a dry, rocky area. Walk across ridges made of old lava, with giant glaciers above you. Climb to the top of Lava Tower, the highest point so far, for lunch with a fantastic view! In the afternoon, walk down to a comfy camp under the tall Barranco Wall. Get ready to be amazed by the incredible sights – pictures can’t capture how beautiful it is!

Distance covered: 10km / 6.2mi

Approx. time taken: 7 hrs

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Included


lemosho camping

Day 4: Barranco Camp (3900m) to Karanga Camp (3995m)

Day 4 on the 7 Days Lemosho Route is yet another big challenge! Hike up a steep hill to climb the Barranco Wall. It looks scary, but it’s actually not so bad! Walk under giant glaciers and enjoy the amazing downhill trek to Karanga Valley. Look up to see even more glaciers on Kibo Peak. Relax and eat dinner at camp, where you’ll see incredible views of another mountain called Mawenzi. In the afternoon, take it easy to get used to the high altitude. You can even go for a short hike if you want, but mostly rest up for the big climb on the next day!

Distance covered: 5.5km / 3.4mi

Approx. time taken: 5 hours

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Included

baranco wall

Day 5: Karanga Camp (3995 m) to Barafu Camp (4673m)

Getting close to the summit! Hike to Barafu Camp, which is really high up (4673 meters!). From here, you’ll see amazing views of the peak of Kilimanjaro (Kibo) and another mountain called Mawenzi. After lunch, relax a lot in your tent – this is important for climbing to the very top later. Eat dinner early and get a good night’s sleep because you’ll need to wake up very early tomorrow for the climb!

Approx. hiking time: 3 hours

Distance covered: 4 km

Habitat: Alpine desert

Meal: breakfast, lunch and dinner included



Day 6:Barafu Camp (4673 m) to UHURU PEAK (5895m) then down to Millennium Camp (3950 m)

This is the big day! You wake up very early, around midnight, and have a light breakfast. After fueling up, you’ll start the tough climb to the summit. It takes 4-5 hours and you’ll go up really high in a short time!

Just before sunrise, you’ll reach Stella Point (5756m), which is an amazing viewpoint at the edge of a giant crater. From here, you do one last climb to Uhuru Peak, the highest point in Africa (5,895 meters!). Congratulations, you climbed Kilimanjaro! Take pictures and enjoy this incredible accomplishment.

After celebrating at the top, you’ll head back down to Barafu Camp for lunch and a well-deserved rest. Then, you’ll trek down to Millenium Camp for dinner, where you can relax and reflect on your amazing journey. You did it – you conquered Kilimanjaro!

Approx. hiking time: 12-15 hours

Distance covered: 15 km

Meal: breakfast, lunch, and dinner included

7 days lemosho route

Day 7: Millennium Camp (3950m) to Mweka Gate (1640m)

Day 7 – conquer the descent! After breakfast, enjoy a celebratory farewell to Millennium Camp (3950m) with a scenic few-hour hike to Mweka Gate. Collect your well-earned summit certificates and raise a toast to your accomplishment with a refreshing drink! Bid farewell to your amazing guides and board a private car which will take you back to your Moshi hotel. A hot shower and a comfy bed await! Celebrate your incredible Kilimanjaro achievement via 7 days Lemosho route – you did it!

Approx. hiking time: 5 hours

Distance covered: 14 km

Habitat: Montane Forest

saying goodbye from Lemosho route hike


Prices (quoted in USD/per person)

Group Size Price
1 Person
$ 1,950/person
2-4 People
$ 1,850/person
5-9 people
$ 1,750/person
10 & above
$ 1,690/person

Included in the price:

  • Two nights accommodation in Hotel
  • Private transport to / from Kilimanjaro International Airport to your hotel in Moshi
  • Qualified guides with mountain crew
  • National park fees
  • 18% VAT on tour fees and services
  • All camping equipment; mountain tents, sleeping bags, sleeping mats
  • Transport
  • Rescue fees
  • All meals on the mountain (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
  • Guides and porters’ accommodations and their entry fees on the mountain
  • Pulse oximeter
  • First aid kit
  • Emergence oxygen
  • Katady filtered water through the trek
  • Fair wages to guides and porters as approved by Kilimanjaro National Park Authorit

Not Included:

  • Flights
  • Visa
  • Insurance
  • Tips to mountain crew
  • Personal Items
  • Laundry services (available at the hotel for cost)


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