Nafika tours believe that when children fail to develop their capabilities it is not just a loss to them but also to their communities, the nation, and the world as a whole. Nafika tours work with orphans and street children centers in Tanzania.

For every tour book, we give 3% of the booking cost (to orphanages from schools) back to support education in the local community. We aim to support orphanages to get all school facilities, Food and we also pay school fees for the kids who have a very difficult life.

It upholds their rights to live in safety, to receive education, and to participate in decisions affecting their lives. Nafika tours assist the children to become healthy, well-adjusted adults. We believe that only by working with them, their families, communities, other organizations, and the government authorities we can address the root causes behind their issues.

Do you have a passion for children?

Volunteer in Tanzania in the Orphanage project and give much love, care, and attention to orphaned children! Poverty, lack of education, and the HIV/AIDS epidemic are persistent and widespread problems for Tanzanians. With very little help from the government, many children are left homeless, and they only have orphanages to turn to.

The orphanages center are doing their best to educate, clothe, house and feed the children, but they are also underfunded and lack enough manpower to properly care for the orphans.

Nafika tours we also support some orphanage organizations in Moshi (Msamaria Center for orphanages and street children) and we looking for volunteers who wish to support the dreams of these kids. At the end of trips if you will have extra time in Tanzania you can visit some of these organizations and provide more care and attention to them.

Be a guiding light for the Tanzanian children, while discovering the wonderful wildlife and the majesty of Kilimanjaro!

For more information on how you can support and volunteer, you can contact us.