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Fantastic Kilimanjaro hike and safari!

We had a fantastic climb up Kilimanjaro with Nafika Tours a local agent. We also went on a four day safari, range by Nafika , after the climb.


On the climb up Kilimanjaro, the guides, the cook, and the porters were all amazing. We felt as though we were in good hands with the guides. They kept a close eye on everyone. They checked our vital signs including oxygen saturation each morning and evening.


A mess tent was put up every day. The food was Excellent. We were fed quite well. There was always a warm soup plus a robust, tasty main course.


I choose the 7 day Lemosho route due to having more time on the mountain and able to acclimate properly. They provided a medication list that they thought was helpful which included Diamox, Zofran, and Zithromax. Nafika Tours also provided a detailed packing list which I followed and it was extremely helpful.


The lodge that Nafika choose for us was Panama Garden Resort in Moshi and it was fantastic. We had a briefing the day prior to starting the hike and I met the other climbers which were great. The guides, Eli Justine were fantastic and extremely helpful and genuine.

They looked at every piece of equipment at the briefing to make sure we had everything. I rented a down jacket and poles from Nafika Tours and they were in great condition.


The climb was beautiful and not that difficult due to the speed (pole pole) and preparation prior to coming to Kilimanjaro. We always stayed in a group and had both guides with us the entire time. They also carried the gamow bag, stretcher, and oxygen.


My favorite camping spot was Shira two camp . It was not crowded and had great views of the peak and valley. I liked how Nafika followed…..hike high and sleep low. I think that helped us acclimate properly and gave us a lot of confidence.


Summit day was amazing but it was a lot long day. It was a 12 hour day hiking and we started at midnight which was great. We saw a amazing sunrise and beautiful glaciers . After we got back to base camp, we rested for a hour and headed down to Mweka Camp.


The Safari was equally wonderful. Our guide Joseph was quite knowledgeable and really worked hard to make sure we saw as much as possible. The accommodations were great as well. And the staff at all accommodations were quite gracious.

Everything was really top-notch.

Adam London United Kingdom



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